It Had to Be You - Jill Churchill I put this on my Ipod without knowing anything about the author, plot or especially that it was part of a series. I like surprises and will grab any new audio my library offers. I can tolerate so much more on audio than I can when I'm reading an actual book which I can too easily put aside and never pick up again. Sometimes this works out for me, other times not so much. This book is apparently smack in the middle of a series. I really hate coming into the middle of things like that. I felt lost during much of it and didn't understand how or why the brother and sister pair were supposed to be intertwined with the mystery. Most of the time I felt as if I were reading two separate stories. That of the destitute brother and sister trying to make ends meet during the great depression and the other of the murder mystery being solved by other assorted characters. It was light reading but too disjointed for me to truly enjoy or comprehend.

I did find it very interesting to read about the brother & sister pair taking whatever jobs they could find (without complaint and "oh woe is me") and using all of their resources to make it through tough financial times. The mystery was a bit "meh" for me but I'm not a big mystery fan so that's not shocking.