Dog Days: Dispatches from Bedlam Farm - Jon Katz I enjoyed this book so very much and am going to search out his others. The author chronicles his life as a newish care-taker of various animals including dogs, donkeys, sheep and even two cows. His rural neighbors are friendly but I guess think he's a little odd what with his penchant for taking in useless animals such as donkeys but it seems he's winning at least a few of them over as one asks him to "buy" a cow that he just can't bring to slaughter. The book is filled with love and pain and life lessons learned the hard way. It makes me want to sell everything and start a little sanctuary of my own. If only I had the cash :)

What I found odd about the book was the fact that his wife seems to live a separate life in another home and is very rarely spoken about until the very end of the book. There is one point where he considers re-homing the wife's favorite dog and then he just does it without any mention of the wife's thoughts on the matter. I think I need to read the earlier books to figure out how this works for them because it seemed quite a strange situation.