Wolf Tales II - Kate Douglas I read the previous book in this series called Wolf Tales and for some reason decided to read this one anyway. It is so unbelievably repetitive and boring and contains a "big secret". I have little patience for the old tired "big secret" plot line or for dull books anymore.

The plot is about a secret clan of highly sexual werewolves who work to combat terrorism (or something). The alpha wolf of the clan has raised his daughter Tia without telling her the secret of their race. He sends her off to school so she won't be anywhere near him & his pack. When she's well past the age of changing he allows his top man Luc to initiate her into the pack which will include five other horny guys. Tia is a beauty and a full blooded werewolf and once given the correct supplements to "change" will become the alpha bitch for all of the men who drool over her the moment they set eyes on her. She will only be "mated" (the soul mate) to one however. In real words: she'll sleep with them all but her heart will belong to only one. Poor thing. Luc accidentally killed her mother when she was a wee child but he withholds this from her until the last infuriating minute because he's afraid to face up it.

I finished this book but I'm not sure why. It was more like a mostly vanilla, slightly steamy romance with some bad words thrown in and only a little bit of kink. All of the weirdness that strangely kept me reading the first book was written out of this one and it read more like a post 9/11 espionage romance novel with some werewolves thrown in. Borrrring and pretty pointless.