Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter - Elizabeth Hess This book details life inside a NY animal shelter. The writer starts out as a somewhat naive pet lover who visits the shelter to purchase a pet for her child. She's so taken with the place and the plight of the animals that she begins to volunteer her time. As she spends more time inside the shelter, she begins to understand all of their rules, procedures and the distrust the employees have towards potential adopters, those who surrender their pets and most people in general. It's a gripping and very realistic account of what happens inside the shelter and tells so many stories of helpless animals and thoughtless people. It also shows the good side of daily shelter life; placing a pet into a loving home, saving animals from abuse and neglect, giving an unwanted pet a second chance through training, love and attention. I thought it did a decent job of showing both sides of the story though sadly it is a reality that the story is often a sad one. The next to final chapter details euthanasia and is difficult to read but important to do so. I wish every pet owner would be required to read this book before buying, adopting or taking in a pet.