The Two-Bear Mambo - Joe R. Lansdale Joe Lansdale is definitely not for the easily offended. He manages to offend women, cops, gay men, bears, dogs and more all within the first few pages. If you can laugh with him you'll probably enjoy his colorful writing. If not, you probably won't want to read on.

Hap (an everyman sort of guy) & Leonard (a big, tough gay man) are unlikely buds. After Hap sets aflame the neighboring crack house the duo land in the slammer but the Police Lt. agrees to forgive them if they'll find his missing girlfriend who is also Hap's ex. These books are so madcap and fast paced that they are nearly impossible to summarize. They are also very violent and this one here is no exception.

The Two-Bear Mambo wasn't my favorite Lansdale novel and began to lose me towards its middle when there seemed to be one violent run-in with rednecks after another. Even the murder mystery and the offensive (but often funny) bits of dialogue couldn't keep my attention from waning.