Witchling - Yasmine Galenorn The influences here are obvious. Laurell K. Hamilton, Rachel Caine, Kim Harrison, Charmed, Buffy, Angel . . . The result though is tepid because only the superficial bits of these influences have rubbed off and then been regurgitated out into this novel.

It's about three sisters all half human, half fey. We have a witch, a vampire and a werecat. This story is about the witch named Camille. She has really big boobies (double D's if you must know), long lustrous raven hair and a face and body that all the men die for. She likes MAC makeup (hey, I thought even the most inept of the faerie could produce a glamour spell -- but what do I know?), sexy shoes, Victoria's secret undies and sex with hot men. This is our heroine a woman we can all surely identify with, eh?

Camille, it is explained, is an inept witch because she's a half-breed but for some reason she, along with her sisters, work for some sort of covert between the worlds organization. Or something. I'll be honest, my mind started drifting early on here. The info. dumps were what did me in. I felt like I had been dropped plop into the middle of a series and I really hate that. Even more-so when I know this is book #1 of the series.

Apparently, one of their friends has been murdered and a demon has possibly breached the portal (yikes, we better get on this Scoobs!) and they must find 6 seals before a demon named "Badass Luke" (honestly, I did not make that up) or Armageddon will spread hellfire and damnation on all the realm (ok, I may have made part of that up). But instead of rushing out and trying to stop the big baddie straightaway Camille laments that she hasn't had sex in soooo very long and daydreams about her ex-lover who was oh-so-sexy but oh-so-bad for her. Gag me. Will I continue? Probably, I'm quite the glutton for punishment.

Later: Well, I finished it. It didn't get any better, only more convoluted and silly. There was more sex but even that was boring. Ah well, they can't all be winners.