Vengeance in Death - J.D. Robb I haven't read this series in order (read #1 & #2 and then skipped around) and this book seems to fall somewhere midway through the series. Despite that I'm not too terribly confused. Eve Dallas is a police officer somewhere in the future where things aren't all that different from today. She is beautiful but very haunted, still somewhat emotionally stunted and married to a hunky rich guy named Rourke. In this story she is investigating a case where a family man has been horribly dismembered and the killer seems to be playing a game and leaving Eve clues. After digging around a little Eve realizes the victim has ties to her husband (who has a shady past). More people, all tied to Rourke, are murdered, secrets are revealed, McNab makes his first appearance and we learn more about Rourke's past. A solid entry in this reliable series.