Doubtless by Cat Grant

Doubtless - Cat Grant

Steve’s emotions go haywire when his best friend Connor sets up house with his new lover but he’s not sure why. He’s happy for his friend but envious as well and feeling unsettled. This story is about Steve dealing with some buried/undiscovered desires and it’s really just a small glimpse into a confusing time in his life.

Steve is rich and successful and has always enjoyed short term flings with leggy beauties but lately he is unsatisfied and seems to be longing for Connor . . . who, of course, is no longer available. When he strikes up a conversation with another guy in a bar who turns out to be a male escort, he gives in to the temptation that’s been nagging at him and starts up a friendship with Dylan. But it soon turns into something more.

This is not a romance nor does it offer closure. Steve may be 38 but he’s never taken the time to explore what he truly wants in the relationship department and hasn’t decided if he’s hetero, gay or bi. Instead he’s been burying himself in his work and having one-offs with women and has now discovered that he’s lonely. To be truly honest I enjoyed Dylan much more than the lead character. Dylan was good natured and likable but Steve was insecure and just made me feel sad that he had lived an empty life for so long. I hope he gets a HEA at some point because it doesn’t happen here.