SUBlime: Collected Shorts - Rachel Haimowitz A freebie! You know I couldn't resist ;)

This is a series of short stories featuring a Dom named Sir (Devon) and his pet Nicky. I don't know the history of these two but am intrigued enough to look around and see if the author has written a book about how they met and how their relationship evolved.

These stories are super short, some of them are on the sweet side while some have very dark edges. They get up to all sorts of naughtiness. I'll start with my least favorite. "All Wrapped Up" just didn't work for me but it's my fault and has nothing to do with the writing. See I just finished up a horrifying true life account of rape, murder and dangerous sex called "Fred and Rose where two very disturbed people tortured people (and killed and dismembered them - some their own children) in a similar manner to what Sir does to Nicky in this story (wrapping him up and leaving only a small hole for a breathing tube). Coming straight off Fred & Rose and then reading this, well, I found it disturbing and hard to find anything hot about it. It was just scary, 'specially the tube bits, ahhhh! All I could picture was monkey faced Fred. Alas, that's my problem.

Anyway, my favorites were "Pretty" so sweet, so hot. I could picture that pretty boy in his pretty pink dress so clearly. The one with "Pony" in the title (sorry EReader is not handy) was a lot of fun. I've always had a thing for pony boys, I guess. Damn that Anne Rice ;) Stuff to do, I may elaborate later but I'd recommend this with caveats for those with a gentle disposition.