Push Me Hard by Cleo Peitsche

Push Me Hard (Take Me Hard #4) - Cleo Peitsche

Leanna is tired of dating wealthy older men who are either boring, out of shape or taken and who all end up being jerks. She’s decided to set her sights on the cute bag boy at her local grocery store instead but she’s a little insecure about making a move. She’s visited the grocery store so many times her pantry and fridge are filled to the brim. This time she’s going to go through with it but a creepy neighbor butts in and attempts to ruin her well laid plans. Fortunately it all works out in her favor and Granger shares in her attraction. But behind Granger’s boy-next-door good looks lurks a man who likes to be in control in the bedroom. Leanna gets far more than she ever bargained for and she loves every minute of it.

This is a sexy little novella with some minor BDSM aspects and even though it’s only 42 pages it is not completely filled with wall to wall sex and it’s well written. There is time devoted to developing Granger and Leanna as people and there are quite a few surprises. I have to admit I liked Granger more than Leanna.. She’s a bit shallow and her crush seems a bit high school-ish for a 30 something but when she gets together with Granger those nitpicks were easily thrown out the window. Because the story is so short I really wish the skeevy neighbor suspense subplot had been nixed and more time spent in Granger’s dungeon. Guess that makes me a perv but there it is. There’s spanking, sexy pounding, bondage and discussion of safe words in this book. Sound like fun? Check it out.