Wolfe's Hope by Lora Leigh

Wolfe's Hope (Breeds, #10) - Lora Leigh

I read this awhile ago and am still fixing/updating my GR reviews one by one and will probably be 90 or so by the time I finish this project!


I’ve only read one book by author Lora Leigh. It was called Menage A Magick and I picked it up because of the catchy blurbage that delivered on the promise of the heroine being “the filling in a wizard sandwich”. Tell me, could you have resisted?

Anyway it was okay, nothing special, nothing awful so I decided to try this one when it turned up in audiobook format. I’ll read anything on audio and I mistakenly thought this was Book 1 in the Wolf Breeds series but I think it’s actually Book 10. It doesn’t really matter because the author spends a good amount of this 70 minute audiobook explaining how “The Breeds” came to life when an evil scientist created them in a lab to create an indestructible army and to mate with human women who are barren.

Hope is the daughter of the mad, cold-hearted scientist who plans to breed her to her creation named Wolfe. She forces an aphrodisiac on this barely 17 year old girl and throws her in a cage with Wolfe to “breed”. Wolfe marks her with a bite but doesn’t do the breeding dance because she’s too young. His mark, however, keeps her safe from other men and marks her as his property. Soon after, a fire happens and the would-be lovebirds are separated. Hope believes Wolfe has died and for six long years suffers from an arousal she can’t quench (has she no right hand, I have to wonder?!). Every time another man touches her she pukes and then Wolfe shows up. But alas all is not bliss . . .

She faints in some sort of fit of unconsciousness when he touches her and when she awakens finds herself tied to a bed and half naked with an enraged Wolfe lurking over her. Oh my! What’s a girl to do? Beg for release from the restraints, perhaps? Instead she begs for release from her sexual frustration begging for his cock. She must have it now! She has waited oh-so-long, after all. Instead he proceeds to torture her with sexual titillation but refuses to give her an orgasm because he thinks she’s a liar. He berates her, he accuses her of terrible things and all the while he continues to touch her and she is weeping from her eyes and her, well you know, from the frustration of it all.

Can you dig it?

I can’t. This was narrated by a guy which just made the whole thing feel seedy to me (sorry, but it’s true). He paused a lot and his reading was rather lifeless, the few times he perked up and acted out Wolfe’s anger just didn’t feel right and pulled me out of the story. My head started to throb from the repetition, the constantly clenching vagina, the ridiculous accusations made by his assholiness and the bad behavior being explained away by “genetics”. There was also a complete lack of characterization. I was annoyed by the entire scenario and 70 minutes of this stuff was too much to handle. I sure as hell hope the other books are better than this snippet, They must be, right?