Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from the Atlantic Paranormal Society by Jason Hawes

Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society - Jason Hawes, Michael Jan Friedman, Grant Wilson

GR Cleanup Read May 2011


This book has been thrust upon me by a friend who keeps asking what I thought of it so I'd better get going. I like the show, even though it's pretty repetitive and they never seem to find hardcore evidence but I've experienced some weird things myself that others have missed even when in the same freaking room so I buy it.

So far it's interesting. It goes into the backstories of the regulars on the show and gives insight into why they do what they do. I nearly took a Reiki class once and after reading this am thankful I never followed through. I see and hear enough "weird" shit on my own, I don't need it enhanced!

It took me about a month to read this because I'd only read a few cases (which were usually no more than 3 pages) at a go and then move on to my current review book. If I read too many in a row it started to get repetitive (kind of like the show) and I'd find myself growing bored. The cases were mostly ho-hum in the beginning but towards the end of the book they became increasingly interesting as they toured the hotel that inspired King's "The Shining", the mansion that started out as a small farmhouse that I believe inspired "Rose Red" where the crazy owner spent the good part of her life having crews build rooms and staircases that went nowhere and then there was the funny account of the crew getting accosted by bats and Jason's part in making sure everyone shared in the fun.

Jason wrote the bulk of the book with only small snippets added in from Grant and they write very much as they behave on the show. Jason is matter of fact and a bit of a stern, tough guy with a penchant for practical jokes, while Grant seems easier going. You get a little insight into them as people but not a whole heck of a lot. The book is mostly an account of how they go about debunking claims and such.

I found it amusing that they include a glossary at the end that includes the definitions of "ghost", "exorcism", "paranormal" and "hauntings" and that their safety advice for new ghosthunters is to do a walk-through of the building before turning out the lights. I'm guessing they've met some folks with zero common sense but come to think of it so have I . . .