25% Done and Not Recommended

Tasty Treats for Demanding Dogs - Gregg R. Gillespie

25% through and I'm doing some skimming. I never read all the way through cookbooks but already I've noticed something scary with several recipes. If you own this book please be careful before attempting the recipes because this book will lead you astray. I don't get what this author is trying to accomplish. He has a written an informative introduction outlining dangerous and potentially hazardous foods including garlic and onions and yet (pardon me while I scream) he then includes some of them in his recipes!!! WTF? Does he purposely want you to harm your pet? Does he harbor a secret hate for dogs? Or did he just collect a bunch of recipes from the internets, slap 'em together in a book and call it a day without double checking the ingredients? I just don't get it and now I don't trust anything he's written here.


FWIW, I did make these oatmeal with peanut butter cookies and my doggies love them. They were so much cheaper to make than buying them. I think I'll copy that recipe and a couple others with benign ingredients and then I'm getting this book out of my house before my kids decide to bake some unsafe treats. Having just spent over $1500 to save one of my doggies after he ate something toxic none of us are up for another frightening trip to the ER Vet!  Beware . . .