Disc 13: Will It Never End?

The Accursed - Joyce Carol Oates

Why do I continue to torture myself this way? I’m now on disk 13, that’s over 13 hours of my life lain to waste, and still I continue to wait for something interesting to occur, for a main character to make him or herself known, for, for . . . someone to love, dammit. Hell, I’ll even settle for someone that I slightly like at this point. Everyone just seems so stuffy and vaguely unpleasant and/or tediously long-winded.


The book plods on with footnotes and side plots and ramblings. Hundreds of thousands of pages are wasted. The story goes in circles and many of these side trips lead absolutely freaking nowhere. I went in expecting a gothicky tale something along the lines of Oates novella "Beasts" but with some real "beasts". The blurb makes promises of demon grooms, ghosts, vampires and family curses. Do Not Be Fooled. It says nothing of dull old men with gout rambling on for what seems like a million pages. I'd have even settled for a fictional memoir/mix like "Blonde" but instead I felt as if I were back in history class with the most boring teacher on the planet. I think it’s time to admit defeat and throw this bloated book in the DNF pile and move on with my life.