80%, 70%, 15% Seductive Shadows Update

Seductive Shadows - Marni Mann

80% Complete


What kind of fuckery is this? Just when things are starting to go her way and she's getting herself together, two big bombshells are dropped upon her head. This poor chick must've eaten kittens for breakfast in a previous life because her luck is unbelievably shitty. I may as well keep going because I'm almost finished but this book is depressing the hell out of me.


70% Complete:


Alas, even a sexy book has not been able to keep me reading. There is sex and a lot of it but it's faceless for the most part (hell, they even wear masks) and that's just not working for me. I usually love a dark read this one feels suffocating and is making me even more depressed. It's mostly erotica, focused on the woman who has some major issues to get past.


Everyone else seems to love it so it's probably just the wrong choice for my mood right now. Will I ever snap out of this?



15% Update:


I started this book back before my life went nuts in August and finally restarted it last night. 


So far, so good. It's dark. It's sexy. There's nothing here making me crazy . . .  yet. 


Would you like to make more money in a week than you do in a month?”


She placed her hand on the center of the counter and, with her other hand, traced the length of her middlefinger. Then she squeezed my middle and pointer fingers together and traced those.


“And what if it allowed you to do something that you…love to do. Something that comes naturally to you.”  


She licked the edge of her lips; her tongue sticking out a little farther than it needed to.

Was she playing with me, or was her gesture a hint? A confirmation that she knew I had masturbated in the bathroom? The restroom was only for employees and required a special key to gain entry. Could this beauty also be a voyeur?”