85%, 50%, 25%, 1%

Rush - Maya Banks
85% (or so)  Okay, I was warned and it's entirely my own damn fault. I reached the scene.  If you've read this you know all about the scene. The worse part about the scene was the fact that he seemed to have set it all up to prove something to himself and because he was so pissed at his ex-wife. I guess if this were written by a Black Lace author and we weren't going to be beat over the head with his "I'm so sowwies and I feel so bad." and his grand awakening to his assholishness (which I suspect is coming) I might be able to stomach it. But in an erotica romance? Nu uh. Not fixable. Trust is smashed to bits and there' s no turning back. She needs to put on her undies and her running shoes and get the hell away from him as quick as she can. Sadly I know how this ends. It's a romance, right?! Bleh


50% I want to DNF and yet I keep listening despite myself. I've been warned that something is coming soon, something terrible and unforgivable and now I can't stop.


25%  Did he just call her "Little Baggage? Or am I hearing things? Please tell me I'm hearing things.


1% "She was forbidden fruit."


He's lusted after her since she was 16 (and he was 30 - um, kind of pervy) but now at 24 she is finally ripe enough to taste. Will one taste be enough for a ravenous man? I'm thinking no..


This erotic romance is being read to me by a rather serious guy. The sexy bits from her POV may be disastrous . . .