Too Stupid To Live by AnneTenino

Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino

Ian has recently recovered from a terrible accident and has decided to start living his life on his terms. He’s gay but to pacify his father he’s pretty much kept that fact to himself, hooking up and moving on, but now he wants to work at making a real emotional connection with someone.


Sam is a somewhat awkward fellow and has never had to hide the fact that he’s gay because he’s never been mistaken for a straight guy. He’s had some self-esteem destroying romances and now prefers to lose himself in historical romance novels. His favorites are those sweet ones that feature a bare-chested, kilt wearing Highlander on the cover. Sam spends a lot of time in his own head longing for a Highlander of his own so when he bumps into Ian it’s understandable when he loses himself for a moment in his romantic daydream . . .


“Oh! My Highlander’s been wounded. A scarred man, looking for the one person who can help his heart heal.”


But wait, this hunk is for real and he’s being nice to Sam instead of picking on him like the rest of the manly men tend to do. Flustered, Sam then completely embarrasses himself. After their amusing encounter, Sam realizes that Ian is, of course, way out of his league. Poor Sam doesn’t think much of himself.


“Sam caught himself before he clutched his chest from the angst of it all . He was a fool. A geeky, not-very-attractive fool. A too-tall twink of a fool who didn’t get the time of day from hot muscle bears. If he were cute and small and blond (as opposed to towering, underweight, and bland), maybe Ian would want to tie him up and have his way. But Sam wasn’t."


Awww. But when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. For some reason, Ian can’t get Sam (or his luscious lips) out of his mind.


This book is so damn cute. Sam is cute, his thoughts are cute, Ian and Sam together are cute and when they get together I was expecting some kind of cute sex too but what happens instead is a sexy surprise. This is pretty much the perfect book to read if you want something that won’t hurt your heart, that’s light and funny and sexed up without delving into sickeningly sweet territory. It also plays on romantic tropes so if you’re a long time romance reader you’ll appreciate a lot of Sam’s thoughts.


Most of the conflict comes from Sam’s insecurities and Ian’s struggle to make sense of his feelings for Sam. It’s all new and confusing to him and he doesn’t have a clue how a real relationship is supposed to work, since he’s never been in one, but he tries very hard to convince Sam that his feelings are genuine. He really wants to make it work but he’s a little clueless at times and Sam is terrified of getting his heart broken. And I can’t blame him. So Ian has to work extra hard to make Sam feel wanted and happy. It’s a lovely, funny and infectious love story and I can't wait to read more by this author.