Reading progress update: 1+ hour out of 11

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day, Jill  Redfield

So far I'm enjoying this more than Maya Banks Rush but that's really not saying much. I've heard this is a another 50 Shades clone but as I still haven't read that series I can't compare the two.


This is a contemporary erotic tale featuring two beautiful people. He's 28 (or so) and a billionaire who just so happens to own every freaking building the heroine frequents. Her place of work, her apartment, restaurants . . . This allows Gideon access to all of the pesky little details about Eva's life so he can casually bump into her and make her go all squirmy with his gorgeous self. He uses his power to his best advantage to bother her as she goes about her day to day life. See, he's hot and rich and can have anyone in the whole wide world but when he meets Eva he wants her and he wants her oh-so-bad. He can't stop thinking about F-ing her. Eva wants him too but Eva doesn't do men she doesn't know outside of the bedroom and he's the type to screw and leave and move on to the next one. Women are either friends or lovers. Not both.


I'm liking this so far because Eva isn't a naive pushover (but I've only just started), she has a life and friends that she isn't abandoning and she even calls Gideon out on his "creepiness". He wants to do the "sex is a business deal" crap (but at least he doesn't hand her a contract, LOL) and she won't have any of it. But alas, hormones, his close proximity, alpha-ness and sexy talk seem to be wearing her down but I have a feeling she won't go down without a little fight (I am the eternal optimist).


Keep looking at me like that Gideon. I'm ready for action.



The narration of Eva is friendly and breathy when it needs to be without jarring me out of the story. Gideon's voice is a bit on the creeper side but I'm going with it as it suits his personality so far . . .  More later..