Bared To You by Sylvia Day

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day, Jill  Redfield

*Please note I read this as an unabridged audio and I may get the spelling of character names incorrect. Details may be sketchy too because I just might’ve dozed off here and there.


I guess this is another 50 Shades clone (or so I’ve read) but as I still haven't read that series I can't compare the two. This one gets pretty decent reviews so I wasn’t surprised when I enjoyed the first half (or so) of Bared to You much more than Maya Banks Rush. The writing was better and the characters seemed to be deeper with their damaged pasts. They initially got me all excited thinking I was in for some major emotional angst that would make me feel that ache in the chest but it didn’t happen. Eventually it turned into a sex-fest and I found myself bored. There were also many jealousy and control issues that cropped up which the two would temporarily fix by screwing. I guess these books just aren’t meant for me. I was hoping to care for these two but I just didn’t. I cared more for a messed up secondary character (Cary? The roommate) and that was a problem.


If you don’t already know, this is a contemporary erotic tale featuring two beautiful, wealthy people who meet, fall in lust and enter into a screwed up relationship that somehow works for them. Gideon is 28 and a billionaire who just so happens to own every freaking building Eva frequents. Her place of work, her apartment, restaurants, a gym . . . This allows Gideon access to all of the details about Eva's life that will allow him to casually bump into her and make her go all squirmy with his gorgeous self (I guess an important businessman has nothing better to do). He can have anyone in the whole wide world but when he meets Eva he wants her and he wants her oh-so-bad. He can't stop thinking about F-ing her and tells her so every chance he gets. Yeah, that’s not creepy. He reminds me of a richer, handsomer version of that pervy dude from The Big Bang Theory. Anyway, Eva wants him too but she doesn't sleep with men she doesn't know outside of the bedroom and he is the type who sates his lust and moves on to the next one. For Gideon women are either friends or lovers. They are never both.


But Eva changes all of that.


I liked her for that, I really did. She wasn’t a naïve pushover and had a life and a best friend whom she did not abandon for Gideon. She even calls Gideon out on his "creepiness". He wants to do the "sex is a business deal" crap (but at least he doesn't hand her a contract, LOL) and she won't have any of it. But alas, hormones, his constant close proximity, alpha-ness and his sexy talk wear her down. She puts up a little fight but she wants him as much as he wants her and they get busy soon enough.


Keep looking at me like that Gideon. I'm ready for action.



But somewhere along the way things go start to go awry for me. Eva and Gideon get into this cycle of fighting (usually over their jealousy issues and/or his control issues), she runs off in a huff, he chases her down, they talk (but don’t reveal enough), they have superhotsex and all is good until the next chapter when it starts anew. This was ok the first time or two but eventually I wanted to bang their heads together. I have no patience and this kind of thing makes me crazy. They also fall into crazy lust but mistake it for love. I didn’t see or feel the love between them what with all of the fighting, possessiveness and insecurity going around.


Did I mention they both have messed up pasts? Well, she’s dealt with hers (though she’s still a bit of a mess) and spills all of the ugly details to him and he unfairly keeps his secrets to himself and has closed himself off so much that he believes she knows him better than anyone. She doesn’t. And I don’t either. I listened to this book until the very end and he reveals NOTHING! At least nothing I wanted to know. It just ends. I still don’t know what or who traumatized him so terribly and because of that it was difficult to feel anything for him but frustration. I guess I have to read the next three or four books to find closure and I don’t know if I can bring myself to do that. At least not today.


Narration Notes: The narration of Eva is friendly and breathy when it needs to be without ever jarring me out of the story. Gideon's voice is a bit on the creeper side but I went with it because it sort of suited his personality.