Review Requests and What Not To Do, Part 2

I fear this may be an ongoing and never-ending series. . . 

Dear BarkLessWagMore,

I am the author from Ukraine.
Recently I have published my book on Amazon.
I ask You to buy my book (*Amazon book link deleted)
I need your help...
Please support the young author.

Thank You.


WTF people, why do I get shit like this on a daily basis?  I am not wealthy. I do not have endless free time on my hands. I have NO SYMPATHY FOR ENTITLED YOUNG AUTHORS or OLD AUTHORS or PURPLE AUTHORS who send out this kind of email. All of my sympathy dried up long ago. Make your own way in the world young one, toughen up and support YOURSELF by writing something worth buying. You know what I ask? I ask for someone to support Me! I'm a good person (most of the time) and I really dislike having to drag my ass out of bed each morning to go to work so I can feed myself, my pets and my family and buy a few books to read each night before passing out from exhaustion. Do you think you can help me?


*I have deleted the author info. to spare them their dignity. See, I am a nice person!