Are You Effing Kidding Me?

Can you believe this nonsense?! Can someone get these authors a box of diapers and a binky to suck on?


This is going to be a bit of a rant. 


Some "authors" claim they are being bullied by reviewers and started a petition to Goodreads to put a stop to it. 


Stop laughing, I'm serious. It's here:


I would like to start a petition for readers who have their name listed,( on a site that shall not be named), as a bully, for NO good reason, with no proof.


I would like to start a petition preventing independent authors from leaving comments badmouthing reviewers whenever they get a bad review. 


I would like to start a petition to stop authors from asking readers to POINT OUT exactly where they made mistakes mentioned in a review. (Get your own beta readers to point them out to you. Do NOT ask a reader/reviewer to prove to you that you messed up.)


Unless Goodreads can stop the things I have listed above, this petition should not even be considered by any lover of books. It's laughable. It's a joke.

/end of rant