Well don't I feel like a sucker . . .

I just learned on the Indie Reviews website (which DOES NOT endorse paid reviewers) that this website is charging authors $100 a pop PLUS the cost of the book for the privilege of writing a review and here I am doing it for free,  Her reviews must be effing magical. She will post them to her Channel "under construction", Goodreads and Amazon where she's a top 780,000 reviewer (wowza - I'm 1100 or something perhaps I can sucker people out of even more). Hell, $100.00 would give me the incentive to "turn around" a review in 2 -3 weeks too (just kidding).. Anyway, check it out before the page goes poof!


edited to add screen capture just in case




MarketingtheMuse Adds ‘Book Reviewer’ to MarlaMiller.com

Now that I'm trolling for book reviews, I appreciate just how many 'professional'sites have popped up. I'm not talking about the legacy reviewers-name brands that have recently added 'self-publishing/Indie' reviews for about $500.00 per. No, I'm referring to no-name brands that are asking $350.00.

So I'm throwing my book reviewer hat into the e-ring.

MarketingtheMuse now accepting small press & 'Indie' books, ebooks, for review.

Fee structure: $100.00 paid in full, via Paypal/CC, plus the cost of purchasing the book online.

MarketingtheMuse Review Guidelines:

Before accepting a project, I require the first five pages be submitted. If the author can’t hold my attention for the first five pages, chances are, my review will not be helpful to your ultimate goal.


I LOVE memoirs and have worked as a developmental editor for several memoirists. Click here to read what clients have said about my guidance.

I also love fiction but not big on Sci-Fi. I would say that ‘zombie’ and ‘horror’ fiction are not good fits but at the last workshop I ran at SCWC, a writer hooked me on the first 3 pages of her ‘zombie’ novel.

Nonfiction books are also good fits provided the subjects aren’t business or technology related. I love health/wellness/sports/psychology/sociology/biographies & cookbooks including ‘herbal’ cookbooks.

I will post all reviews on Amazon. I also will post on MarketingtheMuse’s Book Review channel (under construction) and will include the review, book cover and link to purchase. At the author’s request, I will also post on Goodreads.

Click here to read my Amazon reviews.

If interested, contact Marla at marketingthemuse@gmail.com

Please put Book Review in the subject heading.

Turn around, 2-3 weeks.