Foiled by an Abridgment

The Woods - Harlan Coben

I am so frustrated by my own stupidity. After over a decade of listening to audio, I really should know better by now. So I'm on disc 3 and have just realized that this is an abridged version of the novel.


I normally love the way Coben writes. Gone For Good and Drop Shot hooked me on his writing and I'm not even a mystery fan. His characters are usually compelling and a little snarky and the stories are always a little dark. This one just wasn't working for me in any way. It moved way too fast, the characterization was almost non-existent, the story line extremely confusing and difficult to follow and any dash of humor completely missing. Now I know why. They cut it out all out! Why, oh, someone please tell me why.


Does anyone purposely seek out abridgments? They do nothing but aggravate me. What a waste of three hours and it was completely my fault for not checking first. I just saw Scott Brick listed as the narrator and assumed it was the real deal. I'm tossing this one in a Goodwill bin and will search out the real book.