Support Petition For Retaining Your Amazon Anonymity

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There's a petition going around asking Amazon to force customers to post/review with their real names. It was started by Anne Rice/Todd Barselow, because she claims there are roving bands of gangster bullies intent on destroying authors (no mention of authors who attack reviewers who write reviews the authors don't like or reader stalking done by the bully site that Anne Rice aligns herself with).


If you want Amazon to know that you support keeping your right to privacy, please sign SPA Rick Gualtieri's opposing petition. (If you want to retain your anonymity on this petition, uncheck the box that says your signature will be displayed.) Feel free to reblog this post or start your own.


This petition was written by Todd Barselow, but the whole idea behind it was Anne Rice's. I believe Anne instigated it because of a thread on Amazon where she ranted about careerist reviewers and bully packs intent on destroying authors. And because she can't stand criticism.


The petition is getting lots of media attention, because Ms. Rice is using the clout of her name to send out press packages and the media is lapping it up without any research.


Fun fact about Todd Barselow's relationship to Anne Rice.