This is my life

Not kidding. Wish I was. I have 4 cats, 2 big dogs and this is how it goes. Whenever I put my mat down one of the six decides to be a royal pain in the ass (or, eh, other spots) just because they can.


Inspired by Char's efforts to give up smoking and guilt from my daughter who is vegan and a crazy fitness nut, I have decided to give up my slovenly ways and restart my exercise routine. I was feeling sluggish and starting to get depressed and I know it's because I've been surviving on a diet of caffeine, dark chocolate and red wine with a little oatmeal and protein thrown in. So Monday I dusted off those Focus T25 DVD's we bought for Christmas (and barely used), subscribed to Blogilates and am following the 90 Day Challenge plan along with her beginner 30 day routine. This means no chocolate (god help those near and dear to me) and no red wine and no sugar at all.

I'm on Day 3 and so far I haven't killed anyone.
The 3 exercise routines each day seem to be taking my mind off the chocolate (ok, not really) but I haven't caved.