Tenderness - Robert Cormier

So I was bored one insomnia fueled night and saw this flick titled "Tenderness" on the Sundance Channel guide. It said something about a "young serial killer" in the description and because it sounded decent and vaguely familiar, I hit that handy record button. I finally got around to watching a bit of it this morning. Come on, I can't be the only one who starts their day off right with a horror film?  Anyway, it was indeed a book and I had indeed read it and it bothered me deeply and was unflinchingly depressing. So far the film is living up to the book. It's bleak and depressing but I don't know how well it would fly if I hadn't read the book first. It makes some leaps that aren't really all that filled in but maybe it'll become clear once I finish. 


So here's the review if you're itching to fall into a depression:


Hmmm, what to say about this dreary book? It is a young adult novel but it's extremely dark. It features an eighteen year old serial killer who has been imprisoned for the past three years for murdering his parents. Eric was also a suspect in the murder of several young girls but his guilt was never proven. He's due to be released very soon and the officer who knows he's a serial killer is determined to make sure he doesn't hurt another girl.

The other character is Lori, a fifteen year old runaway with a disturbing habit of using her sexuality to get things she wants from men. She also has a tendency to get fixated on a man and once this happens nothing will stop her from finding him and kissing him on the mouth. It's the only way to end her obsession apparently. When she sees Eric on tv a new obsession begins.

Their lives collide and though I knew this couldn't possibly end well I kept reading anyway. The author doesn't leave you disappointed but he doesn't do what is expected either.

This was a rather depressing read about two young people suffering from some serious emotional problems. The writing seemed genuine enough and the motivation for both characters was well done but it's not something I'd read again. It was too dreary and too hopeless.