When the Words Don't Match the Rating

Have you ever gone back and revisited an old review only to find yourself wondering why you gave the book so many or so few stars?  Have you ever read a review and wondered how the hell they came up with their number rating? (I see these every day . . . )


I'm curious because lately I've been going back and reading some past reviews and wondering what the heck I was thinking. My words do not match my rating.  A friend called me on this recently on my Mr. B. Gone review. She said it read like I didn't like it yet I had given it a three which indicated "I liked it". She had a point. The words, they did not match the 3 star rating. I had to force myself to finish that book and it was a chore so I probably didn't really like it all that much. So why did I give a 3? A 3 in my head is sort of "meh" but on GR it means "I liked it". I need to pay more attention to that.  I can admit when I'm wrong and thus I lowered it. I just upped my "Tenderness" review to a 3 because, again, the words weren't a-matching. 


My point, if I have one, is that I think all of this hysteria over stars is just that. Hysteria. The words mean more to me than a star rating, especially when I'm considering purchasing a book I'm unsure about.  What about the rest of you?


PS if you ever notice my words not matching my rating let me know, ok? I'm trying to get better about it.