Horror After Dark


When I started the Horror Corner, I was also part of the reviewing team at Ravenous Reads. Once I learned how to post properly there, we changed to a different format. Once I learned that, we moved completely because Nikki, the owner and operator, wanted a .com all her own. We are now  Horror After Dark, and think I am done with learning new formats because this site is ROCKING!


An author I discovered recently didn't realize how professional Horror after Dark is. Not that Ravenous Reads wasn't but HAD is miles beyond what RR could ever have hoped to be. We have horror reviews, including reviews of bizarro works. We have all kinds of book sales. We have author interviews. We have giveaways. We have a team of reviewers, (Jon, Paul, Nikki and Laurie), that are experienced in all kinds of horror, both old and new.  In short, we RULE!


I hope you will come on over and check us out! Feel free to leave comments on any reviews or posts, letting us know what you think. We are aiming to have one of the best horror review sites on the web and we're working hard towards that goal. Come on by and visit us sometime, you won't be disappointed.