Question(s) for those still on GR

Have you guys listed on STGRB as "badbooklikers" or whatever been receiving more friend requests this week than is the norm?  I don't know what to think but once again I am receiving more than usual. Today I had 4 (all readers) waiting and after I approved/ignored a few and went away to live my life I received more. One at 11:30, one at 12:30 and another at 1:30. All indie writers in genres I don't usually read. I'm just curious because I am not some big popular blogger, not listed in the Top 50 anything at GR, and I have been keeping relatively quiet, and barely posting on any forums because I've been trying to actually focus on reading instead of drama so my feed hasn't been very active. I'm not sure how they're finding me but most seem legit and friendly so I guess this is a good thing? 


I don't have a friend question but am considering something along the lines of "How'd you find me?"  Do you think that would be rude? I don't want to turn away people who genuinely want to talk books which is why I've never put a question there before now.