What Happened to April?

NOS4A2 - Joe Hill Some of Your Blood - Steve Rasnic Tem, Theodore Sturgeon Innocence - Dean Koontz

I love reading Char's monthly round up posts and decided to steal her idea.  This month was a mix of DNF, meh and three very good books. Not too shabby for me. I'm now only 10 books behind in my GR Challenge. Beats 11, I guess. 


N0S4A2 by Joe Hill. This was the best of the month. Books like this are few and far between. I wish they could all be this amazing.  I'm plan to write up a review but I fear all I'll have to say is "read it. It's awesome".  Those 5 star books are the roughest to review.


Innocence byDean Koontz. He's written some real duds but this was one of Koontz's great ones. I loved the two leads in this story.


Some of Your Blood by Theodore Sturgeon  This one surprised me. It had some witty writing and was mighty strange and disturbing.