Sadie the Sadist by Zane Sachs

Sadie the Sadist: X-tremely Black Humor/Horror - Zané Sachs

Sadie despises her job. And you can’t really blame her. Her Assistant Manager is a Type A personality (the A in the case stands for ass) who forces her to shuck corn until her hands are numb in a cold, dreary basement that resides in the bowels of a supermarket. Sadie has just about reached her breaking point when this evil little tale begins and what follows might shock and offend you if you go in all innocent and unawares. Though if you’re picking up a title called “Sadie the Sadist” thinking you’re in for a sweet treat, well then I guess there’s no helping you.


Sadie starts out relatable and relatively sane. I get her. She’s snarky and she has some very dark thoughts. But don’t we all? No? Just me, then? So, very early on Sadie gives us a gentle teaser of things to come when she thinks this about a jerky customer:


"The man barks, "Your job is to serve me."


Broiled on a bed of lettuce?"


Can you see where this might be leading? Things get graphic but there’s always an undercurrent of the blackest humor your soul can imagine. I found it as amusing as I did revolting. As the book moves along, Sadie swiftly begins to unravel. Here’s a little teaser if you’re still wondering what's in store for you if pick this up.


Barefoot, I pad to the kitchen, stand in front of the refrigerator examining the contents. Half a container of expired almond milk, a shriveled peach, a plastic container that used to hold Chia seeds and now holds what appears to be a penis. Nothing I feel like eating.


Is it real? Is it a case of too many prescription drugs? Who am I to say? I only know that I couldn’t put this book down once I started it and enjoyed all of the often over the top extreme fun and highly recommend it if you have a taste for this sort of humor. What I don’t recommend is trying out any of Sadie’s included recipes (as delish as they may sound) because they might land you in the slammer if you attempt to source the secret ingredients. Don't skip over them though because they contain a wealth of knowledge and sure are entertaining to read.


“Mushrooms add earthy flavor and depth to a dish, and if you administer the right ones to aggravating people, mushrooms can rid your life of problems."


*I received this book in exchange for a review at Horror After Dark.