2 Freebies for My Fellow Weirdos

Ravaged: A Monster Box Set of 11 Erotic Tales - Simone Beatrix Paranormal Fantasies: A Promotional Collection of 14 Erotic Supernatural Stories - Annabel Bastione, Brandy Corvin, Adriana Rossi, Cassandra Court, Jessi Bond, J.J. Collins, Layla Cole, Lorelai Phoenix, N.S. Charles, Polly J. Adams, Serena St. Claire, Victoria Scarlett, Victorie Lazer, Vivian London

This is what happens when I can't sleep. One innocent book search leads to this . . .  


Click on the title below to grab your free copy. You know you want to.


Ravaged A Monster Box Set of 11 Erotic Tales (need I say more?)


Paranormal Fantasies Are you interested in sizzling erotic stories with a paranormal twist? Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and demons suit your fancy? Do you want to get to know more popular erotica authors who write in the paranormal erotica subgenre? (word of warning these are mostly m/m tales according to some irate reviewers who were expecting something else - this only made me want it more)