A "combine editions" Question

Does anyone know how you "combine editions" when the edition you want to "combine" with the rest of the others is not showing up on the main search page on the dash?


For example, I just did a search for the book "The Bone Tree by Christopher Fulbright" and the edition I reviewed is nowhere to be found - except on my blog search page and thus I cannot combine it with the others. Is this a bug or am I missing something? I don't want to clog up the discussion group and honestly I'm too lazy to go through all of the questions. If anyone has a quick answer I would be very grateful.


*edited to add: I don't want to add a new edition which I see I can do because my edition already exists in the database. I just want to be able to combine it with all of the others and reunite it with its family so it will show up if someone searches out the book. Right now it's like a super secret ghostly version floating out there in the ether all sad and alone.


Here are the pages I'm looking at:


My reviewed version which shows up nowhere unless you search my blog


and the mostly empty page which has all of the others and which shows up when you search on the book