Blackout by Tim Curran

Blackout - Tim Curran

“The story I am about to tell you is about what happened after the lights went out. I’m going to tell you what happened to your beautiful green world and the people that called it home. Understand, it’s not a happy story and there is no moral. It’s not that kind of story.”

True that.

Blackout starts out so normal. So very mundane, even. A bunch of middle class folks, in a middle class neighborhood have just finished up with a little get-together where one neighbor grabbed another wife’s butt and one wife got a bit too drunk for her own good. They could be anyone’s neighbors.And that’s what makes the book so damned frightening. This setup lulls you into thinking this could happen to you and this is why, when it all went to hell, I enjoyed it so much. 

As night sets in a storm starts, the lights go out and sticky tentacles drop from the sky. Those who first peek outside to investigate don’t return. A small band of survivors are witness to atrocities beyond belief and to say much more would spoil the whole thing for you. 

I’ll just say it’s fascinating and gruesome and so realistic it’ll probably make your skin crawl.

If you’re looking for an imaginative horror story with an ending that makes so much sense it will probably haunt you, you’ll be wanting to pick give this a read. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


*The FTC makes me say that I requested this copy from NetGalley. Naturally I reviewed it like I would any other book with honesty, sarcasm (if the mood strikes) and all personal biases firmly intact.