99 Cents!

Biohazard - Tim Curran

Found it while searching my Amazon wishlist for "items with price drops". This is the best feature ever invented for book bargain hunters with a little patience.. After reading his fabulous "Blackout" I am very excited to get going on it.


Here's the link if you're interested.


The day after tomorrow: Nuclear fallout. Mutations. Deadly pandemics. Corpse wagons. Body pits. Empty cities. The human race trembling on the edge of extinction. Only the desperate survive. One of them is Rick Nash. But there is a price for survival: communion with a ravenous evil born from the furnace of radioactive waste. It demands sacrifice. Only it can keep Nash one step ahead of the nightmare that stalks him-a sentient, seething plague-entity that stalks its chosen prey: the last of the human race. To accept it is a living death. To defy it, a hell beyond imagining