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*I'm reblogging this post because it could've been my post. The post I am too lazy to write. Just add in some brutal, psycho horror, more reads on the explicit side and too much cussing and you have me :) *


Since I posted a romance review, and promptly lost a follower, I thought it only fair to warn you:




Yes ma'am and sir, I'm a very eclectic reader. You'll see reviews of everything from children's books to erotica. I skip around from book to book, reading whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, and then I come to share it with you. I'm not in the habit of cussing very often. I try to keep my reviews on the tame side. Still, I have no problem with reading/reviewing books containing sex scenes. 


I can promise you that I'm always honest, that I do my best not to write spoilers in reviews, and that I'll always break down exactly how I feel about a book. So if you, too, are an eclectic reader? Welcome! If you're the reader who is just waiting for a Fantasy or Romance review? Welcome! No matter who you are, if you love reading, you're my kind of follower. Thanks for giving me a chance to add some new books to your reading list :). I look forward to sharing in the love of books!