The Collector by Nora Roberts

The Collector - Nora Roberts

Well, I had all kinds of things to say about this book but I was too lazy to take many notes and a week has passed and now there’s nothing much left that stuck with me. If I had to choose a book that defines a three star read for me this one would be right up there.  It’s not awful, it flows nice and stuff, but it’s not earth-shatteringly fantastic either and that’s a shame.  I wish all books were earth-shatteringly fantastic. I didn’t laugh and I didn’t cry and I was only vaguely entertained but that’s nothing new. If you’re stuck in a car, stuck picking up doggie doo in the yard or forced to cook dinner every night of the week, I’d say this audiobook is a good way to help keep your mind off of those mind-numbing tasks but if you’re anything like me you probably won’t remember any of it once you start the next book. Or maybe you’ll love it and I’m an idiot. Who can say?


Here’s the gist. The heroine is a writer of YA and also housesits and spends her time peeping into the homes of the neighbors with her binoculars. She says this is to get insight into personalities or some such but I’m not buying it. She’s just nosey and I’m just jealous because she gets paid for this. Hey, how do I get this gig? Anyway, her peeping backfires when she witnesses a murder and it puts her smack in the middle of some nefarious goings-on having to do with a Faberge egg and a psychotic killer. Don’t worry though she also meets the love of her life because of this so it’s all good.

They have some spark but I never see it. They have some sex but it’s boring to me. They declare themselves falling in love but I’m not feeling it and now I can’t even remember any of it. True story.

There are a lot of amazing books out there and there are a lot of crappy ones. This one falls right in the middle.