My Pathetic August Roundup & A Word on Audiobooks

The Collector - Nora Roberts Biters - The Reborn - Harry Shannon, Brett J. Talley

I shamefully admit I read two books in August and I only enjoyed one of 'em. Actually that would only be one book since apparently "reading" an audiobook makes me "lazy" according to some person on GR who has written a whopping 1 review and is an expert on the matter. I will never understand why someone assumes you are lazy or cheating if you review an audio. For me, at least, it takes much more effort to stay focused on a book and the road (or at whatever task I'm doing) than it does to sit down and focus only on the written word. And you can't skim through the boring bits. Whateva I guess she caught me.



The Collector by Nora Roberts


Biters: The Reborn


I'm hoping this month will be better and that I will tear myself away from the tv at night. I blame that damn Big Brother show. Stay away from it. I wish I had. I also need to back off from podcasts so I'm able to cheat my way through more books this month.


What are your thoughts on audiobooks? Do you consider them a cheat or a way to read more books when you'd otherwise be wasting that precious reading time?