Demons, Dolls & Milkshakes by Nelson Pyles

Demons, Dolls, & Milkshakes - Nelson W. Pyles, Nelson Pyles

Hey, I finally finished a book and a brand new review and it's not monster-porn!


Who wouldn’t want a sarcastic little demon of their very own?  Especially one who is at your beck and call, subservient to your every whim, small enough to stick in your pocket and who has the ability to inflict great pain and suffering upon those who have done you oh-so-wrong.  


I know you want one!

Martin is in possession of a book called “Raising Demons” and he and his two dim-witted acquaintances decide that raising a demon and forcing him inside a tiny, poorly constructed totem is a brilliant idea. Martin plans to use this demon for nefarious purposes such as ridding himself of his high school tormentors and such. Surprisingly Martin succeeds but now he’s gone and opened up a world of hurt and finds himself at the center of a demon feud.  He’s still a miserable young fool but now he’s stuck with an annoying as hell demon too. 

Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

My advice to angry, hurting teens everywhere? If you stumble across a book titled “Raising Demons” leave it be and call in the pros.



Bad things occur. Oh, such terrible, revolting things (cannibalism, mutilation, necrophilia and more!).  These are demons, after all. Fortunately, the writing doesn’t linger long enough on those horrible things to disturb one too deeply. It’s all written a little tongue in cheek, splashed with a good amount of gore and a whole lotta “you get what you wished for, sucker!” and I liked it quite a bit. The characters are lively and most of them are very sarcastic and that’s always a win in my book. 

I’m a hard sell when it comes to funny though. I may snicker at silliness and human follies but laughing at words on a page doesn’t happen often for me. Most of the story was amusing when it wasn’t busy being horrifying but it didn’t make me spit out my coffee or laugh like a loon. But there’s this one scene where the little demon decides to be a nosy mofo and goes through a female characters text messages just because he’s a jerk. He soon realizes that he messed with the wrong girl and it was Hilarious. Totally made the entire book for me.

This was a fun, nasty little adventure filled romp and If you like such things something might be wrong with you but who am I to judge? Check it out.