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I read the good, the awful & all of the "meh" in the middle. Mostly horror & romance of all kinds.

I hope it's a good one

Little Children - Tom Perrotta
  • Grabbed this from the Take A Book , Leave A Book shelf. I hope it's a good one. I also dumped the one I've been struggling to read for 8 years :). Ahhhh, what a relief.

My Bingo Card

Chills - Mary SanGiovanni The Jersey Devil - Hunter Shea Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier The Witch's Daughter - Paula Brackston The Sin Eater's Daughter - Melinda Salisbury

My book bingo possibilities as long as audio's are okay. They are okay, right?


Witches  The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston 

Young Adult Horror  The Sin Eater's Daughter by  Melinda Salisbury

Free Space (raven) The Jersey Devil - Hunter Shea  (from my Netgalley binge)

It Was A Dark & Stormy Night Chills - Mary SanGiovanni  (Netgalley binge)

Classic Horror Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier I don't recall ever reading this. I hope it's a good fit for this category. if not, I'll do a reread of The Yellow Wallpaper.


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What to do, what to do

So, I have one of these appointments later today.


 photo waiting room_zpsqp6onwr8.gif



And wouldn't you know it, I left my Ipad on my end table with all of my Netgalley titles.


 photo NONONON_zpstosffbia.gif


Would you:


A. Cancel Appointment


B. Leave work early, go 25 minutes out of your way to run home and grab the Ipad first.


C. Suck it up and stare mindlessly at the tv they provide which seems to be permanently stuck on some awful reality tv channel.


D. Read the only book you have nearby which is a book you've attempted to read off and on for 8 years but cannot get into.


I'm so mad at myself. I bring that Ipad with me every single day and today is the day I forget it?!  I'm leaning towards B since it's dead here and my car may blow up if I postpone the appointment again. Ugh, nerd problems.

Night, Night Book Friends
Night, Night Book Friends

Reading progress update: I've read 30%.

The Summer That Melted Everything - Tiffany McDaniel

Wow, this book is a thing of beauty. It's hard to believe it's a debut. I don't want to stop reading but I have to go back to work :(  

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan (audo)

Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan

This is a lovely little confection of a book about friendship and high school loves. It does have a little angst but the main character Paul is such an effervescent fellow that it goes down easy instead of dragging the book down. When it starts, I have to admit I found it all a little strange. Like alternate universe level of strange. There were kids meeting up, playing instruments, singing and dancing in a bookstore. A bookstore. At first I thought I had misheard and rewound. Nope, it was a bookstore that they basically used as a club.



 photo deanconfused_zpskfzw08kp.gif


Also, Paul’s high school and town were basically in their own little bubble where everyone was exceptionally tolerant and accepting of everyone, be they gay, straight, bi, or a cross-dressing quarterback. I found this a sweet fantasy but terribly unrealistic. My kids just finished up high school and I’m sorry to be the one to break the sad news to you but kids are still mean. And so are adults, for that matter. But kitties, well, kitties are the meanest.


 photo meankitty_zpsejaqr20u.gif


Just don’t drop your Skittles people.


Anyway, once I got past all that, I found the book a fairly realistic picture of growing up and struggling with friends and the mess and bliss that new relationships bring along with them. The story is told through Paul’s eyes and he is a joy to read. He’s upbeat and popular and has been openly gay since kindergarten. When he first sees new kid Noah, he is smitten. He is in insta-LOVE. I’ll give him a pass only because he’s still a kid and it is cute when you’re a sophomore in high school and everything is so dramatic. His intense feelings for Noah scare him and he does not want to screw it up. I’ll leave it up to you to guess what happens next because I’m not a book ruiner. At least not today.


This book is about much more than his feelings for Noah and I enjoyed that about it most. Paul is struggling with childhood friendships that are changing and evolving. Through it all he remains caring and thoughtful and I never felt the urge to spank his fictional bum. Despite the unreal feel of his town, the rest of the story seemed natural and realistic.


I listened to this book as a full cast audiobook. The actors who voiced Paul and Joanie were spot on and sounded the right age but unfortunately some of the other voices (mostly Kyle & Noah) came across as extremely stilted and forced and threw me out of the story more times than I care to recall. And although all of the mom’s in the story were voiced by different women, they all managed to sound exactly the same to me. They were super perky. Even Kyle’s not-so-thrilled mom sounded like a slightly more subdued version of the others. Ah well, at least these kids had mothers. Most of the kids in YA books seem to raise themselves because their parents died in some tragedy and I always find that unbelievable.


This is a happy little book that will leave you feeling not at all sorry that you read it. It’s not memorable enough for five stars but I’d give it at least a four, maybe even a 4.5.

Halloween Bingo: The Reveal

Reblogged from Moonlight Murder:


It's time to reveal our new bingo card!



Over the next 13 days, Obsidian and I will be posting some of our favorite books to fit under some of the categories.


Rules of the Game


  1. Have fun!
  2. The categories that are marked with an image are intended to be a bit of a free-for-all, so use your imagination in filling them! A cover image, the word within the title or text, or some sort of an allusion that only makes sense to you is fine - let us know how the book fits!
  3. There is a buddy read/read-along category. In a follow-up post, I'll be announcing a read-along that OB & I have planned for the month of October and participating in that will fill this category. In the alternative, Murder By Death has already announced an Ammie Come Home buddy read, which will start on September 1. And if you have a different idea, feel free to throw it out there!
  4. The center square is free, as always!


If you have questions or comments, post them below!


FREE Alexa Riley

Pulling Her Trigger - Alexa Riley

Never read an Alexa Riley book? You don't know what you're missing, lol. Now's your chance to get this one FREE (at least for today 8/18/16) at Amazon US .  I saw it on my Amazon wishlist this morning and thought I'd share the love. You are oh-so-welcome.

 "I thought I had all I needed: my gun, my chopper, and my brothers. Most women don't crave a life like mine, but after the things I've done and seen, I never thought I longed for more. 

The Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club is my family and I'll bleed for them. I'll do anything to keep them safe, even if it's from me. 

One look from him and everything I fought to hide was ripped wide open. Being an FBI agent gave him the power to flip my world upside down, and he did it in a way I never saw coming. 

What happens when an FBI agent becomes more obsessed with you than with his case? Do you let down your guard? Or pull the trigger? 

Warning: This book contains a heroine who doesn't submit, a hero who fights for what he's claimed, and insta-love so hard it will dent your kindle. *not responsible for dented kindles* 

Pulling Her Trigger is a complete novella. No cliffhangers. No alpha-hole. No cheating. HEA. STANDALONE."

Finders Keepers by Stephen King (audio review)

Finders Keepers: A Novel - Stephen King, Will Patton

Finders Keepers is about a long ago crime and a boy who unwittingly gets himself in trouble with a murderer when he uncovers buried treasure and doesn’t keep it a secret. Characters from Mr. Mercedes make an appearance but they’re not a huge part of this one.


I enjoyed Finders Keepers but not quite as much as Mr. Mercedes. The villain here didn’t interest me nearly as much as Brady. Brady was a weirdo who loved his mama a wee bit too much and I found him interesting. Morris here is just an entitled, spoiled, rich brat who messed up his life because he takes everything he wants even when it doesn’t belong to him. This did not interest me. It just made me disgusted with his sorry ass.


I feel like copying and pasting my words from my Mr. Mercedes review and, because I’m a lazy slug of a reader and would rather be reading right now, I think I shall plagiarize myself and change up a word here and there like all the best plagiarists do.


What we have here is a tense thriller, light on the horror, high on the suspense. I’m more a fan of the horror than I am of the thriller and this one won’t change my mind. It’s a little overlong but it’s a King book. What do you expect, people? Lots of pages fly by without much of anything really happening if you stop to think about it. But at least they fly by because King has a way with the words. The end made me happy enough and the characterization is decent. We’re supposed to despise the villain and despise him I did so I guess it works. As I mentioned, Morris is a miserable waste of a human who can’t own up to his mistakes. I find that type boring but that’s just me. He’s an ok #1 crazed fan type, I suppose, but he is nowhere near the level of Misery’s Annie Wilkes. If you haven’t read Misery you may love this. Will Patton, as always, reads every page fantastically. Oh yes, he does. He needs to read all of the horror books. That man knows how to bring a story to life and voices the ladies without making them sound silly.


I hate rating these things but I’ll explain because someone will likely call me out at some point.



 photo Youre Stupid_zps0sdlv16q.gif


I’m giving the production a 5 and the story a low 3. This, to me, means I liked it the way I like a Reese’s when I can’t run out to Trader Joe’s and buy a genuine peanut butter cup.



 photo deanchocolate_zpsw0hpbo7u.gif


I’ll settle on something just below a 4 but I’m not rounding up for anyone.

Have a relaxing weekend everyone. Love, Patrick
Have a relaxing weekend everyone. Love, Patrick

More WTFery

Holy smokes, here's another one. They are crawling out the woodwork this week. I tried to give this girl a heads up but she is beyond hope! She is a silly brazen one too.


Her "review" policy is here.  Her amazingly arrogant comments are here.


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It's International Cat Day and Patrick is impressed!

Look Everyone, Affordable Reviews!

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The Many by Nathan Field

The Many - Nathan Field

*I received a copy of this book from Netgalley.


Sometimes, quite a lot of the times actually, after reading a bunch of reviews of a book I’ve just read, I wonder if I’ve read a different version of the same book. A version that maybe wasn’t quite the same as the one everyone else had read because I didn’t have nearly as much fun as they sounded like they were having throughout the middle part of the book.

 photo nothavingfun_zpso3t1xivp.gif














Or maybe it’s just me.


The Many started out so promising but like many a book that has come before it, something went awry in the middle and it began to lose me. It begins when a young lady goes on a blind date to have a little fun. Things start out great, he’s gorgeous and rich but she starts to get cold feet when he seems to know just a wee bit too much personal information about her. She asks him to take to her home but something else happens instead. That “something else” is the big secret of this book so I am not going to spill it. It’s also the reason she turns into a crazed, angry, super violent woman and does a very bad and very terrible thing.


Left dealing with the aftermath, her younger brother Karl takes it upon himself to find out more about this most suspicious blind date. He soon realizes this wasn’t a one-time thing and is much more insidious than he first suspected. Karl joins forces with the daughter of another victim of this personality/rage sickness and the two of them work as a team to ferret out the truth. The truth is disturbing and fantastically full of WTFery. I have to admit that as strange and over the top and nearly nonsensical as the ending was, I loved it, I truly did. It brought everything back around and it was worth slogging through the middle which reminded me too much of a tepid Robin Cook storyline for a bit there mixed up with a snoozy crime investigation. Those two things aren’t my favorites so after the creepy and fast paced beginning with its hints of a devious sex ring, or somesuch horrible, horror-ish thing, I have to say the middle bored me so much I almost called it quits. But for once, I am glad I stuck things through because I would’ve missed the nutty ending!

The Princess and the Clown by Ian Thomas Malone

The Princess and the Clown - Ian Thomas Malone

I don’t know why I picked up this book. Wait, that’s a lie. The cover got me. Please don’t ask me to explain. It just is.


In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting The Best Book Ever when I picked up The Princess and the Clown and, you know what, I wasn’t at all disappointed. It’s rude, slightly funny and not at all erotic and just what I needed to waste away a few hours while stuck as a passenger in a car. I’m not real good at being a back seat driver. 



 photo backseatdriver_zpss5jsnl2n.jpg























Ralph/Jango was once a pretty successful clown with the circus but his act broke up years ago. Now he’s 40-something and entertains spoiled rich kids to pay the bills. This is how he meets Jules, AKA Princess Aurora, another 40-something, nearly washed up performer. Ralph is super professional but there is something about Jules that brings out the pervy in ol’ Jango the Clown.



 photo honk_zpshxjse6ng.gif


Hijinks, sarcasm and dirty sex ensue but the sex isn’t all that explicit, it’s just mostly gross, at least if you’re use to reading the stuff I’ve been reading. I found it amusing. Both characters were so prickly, “I’m a horrible person and you’re one ugly motherfucker. A perfect fit if I’ve ever seen one.” that it was funny. But I’m not like most people. So be warned.


Who do I recommend it to? Only you weirdos like me with some time to burn.

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The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel
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