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Life after death
Life after death
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It's Friday, don't break your spectacles!


Which one would you choose?

Saw this on HA this morning and needed to share.If only these were real. I'd buy this one because I have a soft spot for this cheez-fest of a movie and it sounds pretty good too ;) Chocolate chips, marshamallow ice-cream and "no artificial ingredients" (they promise), how could you go wrong?



But this one?  No, even I couldn't bring myself to eat this one!


Crawl by Edward Lorn

Crawl - Edward Lorn

Juliet and Colton were once madly in love but Colton ruined it all when he decided to diddle the dog sitter (better than the dog, I suppose!). Juliet is fuming mad and who can blame her? When the story begins this is all fresh and told from Juliet’s POV. Her emotions are red hot as they are driving together to drop her off at her mothers and you really “get” her. Her husband is a selfish dolt. Bad luck befalls them as their car is sideswiped and Juliet awakens dazed to find herself shackled to a post and things only get worse from there. Damn, and I thought my luck was bad!

The best thing about Juliet is that she is not a whiner. She acts.


The narrator is pure perfection for this tale. She conveys Juliet’s emotions extremely well as they range from simmering rage to pain, fear and full out anger. I’d recommend reading it this way, if you’re a fan of audio.

I was gifted a copy of this audio from the author with no expectation of a review but I “review” everything I read and, if you know me at all, you know this in no way changes my thoughts on the book. If it sucked, I would tell you. But this book was cringe-inducing awesomeness with just enough sarcasm and snark thrown into the dialogue and thoughts to make me a very happy reader.

Things that make you go hmmm or, if you're me, WTF


Why is it people who have written a total of 0 reviews on GR always leave me the snarkiest comments? 


All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill

I’m going to keep this short and as sweet as I can because everyone seems to adore this story and sadly, I really didn’t. Before you beat me over the head with the fact that I am a moron who is too ignorant to follow a time-travel story, I have to say that I enjoyed both Stephen King’s 11/23/63 and The Time Traveler’s Wife so it wasn’t the time-travel bits that put me off. Those books worked for me because of the characters. Though this story has very strong characters and it was interesting to see how much Em changes as she matures, something about them just didn’t grab me enough to become emotionally invested in their story. I’m sure it’s a case of “it’s me, not you” and I’ll leave it at that.


Were I you and considering this audio I would recommend opting for the paperback instead. Something about the narrator’s tone, almost bordering on monotonous here and there, made it very difficult to get through and two of the characters, friends of Marina’s whose names escape me, were cringe inducing. One sounded like an insipid moron and the other sounded like some snooty old socialite with some sort of strange accent and I believe she was only 16 or so. The rest of the voices were decent but those two? Those two were truly awful. It's a good thing they only played bit parts or this would've been a DNF because the voices bothered me so much.


With that said, well, there's not much more to say. Everyone else loves it but I just thought it was okay.

This book is ruining me!

Dark Horse - Kate Sherwood

And my makeup.  


Why didn't someone warn me?



But the good news? Perhaps I am not completely dead inside after all!

Reading progress update: I've read 70%.

All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill

The reviews on this book are almost all positive and everyone seems to simply adore everything about it. Why am I NOT??



Perfect Nightmare by John Saul (audio)

Perfect Nightmare - John Saul

Somehow I ended up with an abridged copy of this audiobook. I don't like abridged because I always feel like I'm missing something super important, usually characterization, but this abridgement wasn’t too bad.


This story is about a psycho attempting to create a family by abducting women through open houses.  It has tones of that horrible triple abduction story in Cleveland, where the monster kept three women imprisoned for his own selfish needs for over a decade. Truly a horrible, nightmarish true-crime. But this book was written years before Castro was exposed as a rapist and kidnapper which makes reading this all the more horrifying. This version doesn’t linger too much on the damage inflicted on the victims and for that I am grateful. I had enough of that after watching Lifetime’s “Cleveland Abduction”.  I can’t speak for the unabridged version, however, so beware.


When teen Lindsay is abducted, her mother Kara, distraught and heartbroken, takes action. When things go from bad to even worse for Kara she doesn’t dissolve into a puddle of self-pity but keeps on keeping on with the search. As admirable as that is, it felt a little unbelievable and unnatural but I’ll chalk it up to the four hours that were cut from this version and give it a pass. Kara quickly ends up joining forces with a man named Patrick, a widower and brother of a friend, and I found that bit rather strange and unnatural too considering the previous turn of events which I will not ruin.


It should be noted that I figured out who the killer was pretty early on. It should also be noted that I am not at all good at these things. I can only assume that it was pretty darn obvious.  



The narration is done by Dick Hill and Susie Breck. I liked the fact that there were two narrators but Dick Hill’s voices weren’t very distinctive and his males all sounded like the same man, except for the killer. His killer voice was over the top, bordering on silly. Still, the story was definitely creepy and it was a page-turner so I’ll give it a solid 3.5 stars.

House of Shadows by Brendan Duffy

House of Echoes: A Novel - Brendan Duffy

So, this here book has been haunting me for over two months and not in a creeptastically good way. It became (if only in my head) the book that would not end and the book I had to finish because I had invested so much of my free time. I swear the word count got larger every time I closed my Kindle App. Moral of this story? If everything in you screams at you to DNF a book just do it because sometimes they really don’t get better. I don’t care what others say. DNFing is NOT a bad thing when you have a tbr pile that will outlive you.

Now don’t get me wrong, this book is not horrible it’s just too long. It’s about a family with problems who escapes the big city to live on an isolated, dilapidated inherited estate which they plan to turn into a bed and breakfast. Dumbest idea ever but who am I to judge? The location is remote, the locals kind of weird and there is most definitely something odd going on in the woods. But the pages are so filled with extraneous and uninteresting (to me) detail that it makes for a painfully SLOW reading experience. Believe it or not, I can deal with slow if it leads up to something of interest eventually happening or if the characters grab me emotionally but neither really happened here. The family was extremely disconnected from one another so it was hard to feel much of anything for them. There was some vague creepy goings-on, a few flashbacks to a dire historical tale of survival on the land but mostly it just plodded along for the first 2/3rds with house renovations, pressing home décor selections, family disconnect and strife and boring town council (or somesuch) meetings. I found it difficult to keep my eyes open no matter how hard the book tried.


And it must be said that innocent animals are harmed in this story and the couple’s young boy is totally unfazed by it. I still don’t understand that bit and I wish I could unread it because it bothers me more than anything else that happened in the book.

If you’re a fan of slow, atmospheric tales of haunted (or maybe not) houses and you don’t mind many sidesteps into mundanity you will enjoy this book more than I did.

Dread (graphic novel) by Clive Barker

Dread - Clive Barker

Look at me actually hitting the tbr pile :). I bought this new. In 1993! I'm catching up.


I read Dread in Books of Blood Volume 2 a few years back and found it a bit difficult to get into. This graphic novel still makes the skin crawl but cuts out a lot of the tedious talk that bogged down the novella. The artwork is dread-worthy, washed with a dark-hued palette that certainly fits the tone of the story. This isn't my favorite Barker short but it’s worth seeking out of if you’re a fan.


Because I’m super lazy, here’s my plot synopsis/review of the novella from 2010.


Stephen Grace is a university student who catches the eye of a teacher named Quaid. Stephen is afraid of public speaking but Quaid instructs him not only to give voice to his fears but to analyze them. Quaid is fascinated with dread in all its facets and revels in learning more about it.


I have to admit this short story took some work getting into. Seven tries to be exact. It didn’t hook me right away and was a bit boring and dry. Stephen meets Quaid in a local bar and they have a really tedious conversation about the “beast” of philosophy and how the school doesn’t really teach it, eventually leading into a discussion about dread. This begins their tenuous friendship. After some checking around, Stephen learns that strangely enough no one on campus knows much at all about Quaid. When a bright beautiful student named Cheryl begins spending time with Quaid, Stephen is initially jealous because she’s hogging so much of his time. Before long Stephen realizes Quaid is only interested in Cheryl because she is a vegetarian who fears meat. And you just know this isn’t going to end well . . .


Quaid, you see, has been “experimenting” with all facets of dread, trying to learn all he can to expand his intelligentia. Before Stephen realizes what is going on with the not-so-sane Quaid, he has already exposed his fears to him. But things don’t end quite as Quaid expects as he experiences the ultimate lesson in dread.


Though this story was a slow starter, once it got moving it didn’t let up. Barker usually does an amazing job building dread so this story suits his talent well. It’s a slow build but once you get through the first few dull pages you get a decent payoff.

Hitting up the TBR pile

Dread - Clive Barker

I bought this graphic novel new.  


In 1993!  Ugh.

One Year Anniversary Book Giveaway Update and extra stuff


Well it's not going to badly so far, my thanks to everyone that's entered and everyone that's reblogged to get the word out.


If you've not seen the deal yet here it is






Here's the Entrants list, please If I've missed you off let me know and also if you're on there and don't want to be, again just let me know.




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I've got these 2 books that have been wrapped and left on the top shelf for years.

You can pick these if you want but you will need to contribute to the postage so I think a paypal account will be the only way to do that.


Now these are beautiful, no dustjacket they are printed HC





Basically I want rid so if the winners don't want them and you are interested and willing to pay the postage again let me know


Thanks everyone


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You by Caroline Kepnes

You (Audio) - Caroline Kepnes

This is a little story about stalking.

You will LOVE it or you will HATE it. I don't think this is a book where you can fall somewhere in the middle. The protagonist is an unapologetic prick and his love interest is a self-centered jerk. They kind of deserved each other and I cannot lie, I kind of loved this book.

Joe looks like a normal, good looking fellow but looks are deceptive. Joe lives in his head way too much and Joe’s head sees a twisted reality. It is Joe who tells this story and Joe has perfected stalking. When a beautiful young woman walks into the bookstore where Joe works, he is smitten by her Natalie Portman essence and becomes Obsessed. He takes to the internet to google her name because, well, wouldn’t you? He then haunts her social media goings-on, steals her cell phone and quickly gets everything he needs to force her to fall for him and stalk her like the modern day maniac that he is.

Joe’s thoughts are often pretty scary. He is possessive, crude, hilarious, angry, love-struck, delusional and twisted. He will do whatever it takes and manipulates circumstances to get Beck to be his girl. Whatever it takes. And that’s all I’m saying about that. But Joe is also funny, insightful and spot-on with some of his thoughts on people and situations.

“People have to be careful or they wind up with lives they didn’t want.”

Beck is not a likable character so it’s easier to go along with Joe, even though you know his actions are so incredibly wrong. She is self-absorbed and an overgrown spoiled child who thrives on the attention of others, not caring who she hurts in the process as long she’s happy and admired by all. She’s also a bit of an airhead, if you ask me. She makes horrible choices when it comes to men, so much so that at times Joe almost seemed like a good option, LOL.

Joe is batshit crazy, there’s no way around it, but because the reader is always in his head and seeing the world from his skewed POV, you can almost understand why he acts the way he does. He needs some serious help, and though it’s all so deliciously wrong, I have to admit I mostly loved it. I was never bored or tempted to zone out. Should everyone and their granny read it? Probably not. It’s dark and disturbing and it delves into some ugly, hidden crevices that some will not want to visit.

With that said, I rate the actual story a five but can only rate the audio version of this story a four. The narration is fantastic. The voice is dark and sinister and love-struck and angry all within the span of a few pages but I was often left a wee bit confused because Joe tells the story in second person. Thus Beck is "You" and I often didn’t know if he was voicing something out loud or if it was only in his head. I think this would be a much better read in paper where you can see what the author intended.

When You Deserve A Tiara & Your Broke Parents Get You This
When You Deserve A Tiara & Your Broke Parents Get You This

BookLikes revolution launching now - Feel Invited! BookLikers share tips & tricks for newbies

There's been plenty of revolutions out there and it's high time to start our own. Now it's time for social revolution on BookLikes! Are you in??!? 


Last week was a milestone for our team, we've announce the farewell of Thursday's releases on BookLikes (if you've missed the post, click here) but promised not to leave you empty handed. And we won't. Our brains work on the highest level, our mugs get never-ending coffee refill, and the office fridge gets frightfully empty (it is true that brain work strengthens appetite!).


Our excitement peaked when we spotted how supportive and devoted to BookLikes cause you are! We can't thank you enough for your constructive criticism, enthusiastic moves and creative initiatives. The power of community, BookLikes community, is genuine and amazing. Remaining in high spirits, we'd like to introduce you and remind about the initiative that popped up several days ago thanks to group of trending bloggers on BookLikes.


The outcome of this common drive is a discussion group Find New BookLikes Blogs To Follow set up by Hunger For Knowledge.



Hunger For Knowledge writes in the group description:

Find new people to follow, let new people to find you.

This group is dedicated to finding new people to interact on BookLikes.

This is a group for everyone and anyone. This is a result of good community and great teamwork. Let's connect. (go to the group)



The group is open for all welcoming BookLikes newbies, rising up bloggers, regular and part time BookLikes members, authors, publishers -- long story short, all book lovers on BookLikes. Feel invited to join, share your ideas, show your stand, interact with our team and other bloggers. Show yourself, discover and be discovered. 


The discussion threads are divided into several sections giving you the opportunity to give the shout out to other bloggers, meet international personalities, share your brainstorms in the Think Thank discussion, and share your advices and suggestions.



We've spotted some cool suggestions for BookLikes newbies

in the Think Thank section, have a look:



Familiar Diversions:


- Check out the "Hot Reviews" and "New and trending" sections on the Explore page. Those are good places to find active bloggers.

- Add books to your shelves. I don't know about others, but one of the first things I do when I'm considering whether to follow someone who's followed me or who has commented on/liked one of my posts is to check what they've read and how they've rated it.

- Comment on posts. Don't be shy. :)


Charmingly Euphemistic:


To find people to follow: Pick a book you adore (preferably a kind of obscure one) and go look at the blogs of people who reviewed it.


If they read stuff you like and post stuff you want to read, follow them.



Char's Horror Corner:


Commenting on posts is how I've found most of the people I follow.

One of the first things I look at when I'm considering whether or not to follow someone is their shelves. Empty shelves will almost always make me click off and be on my way, without following.

If the shelves are stocked, I will poke about to see if I agree with the blogger's ratings, or I will see if they have read or are reading books that I'm interested in-if they are. I'm followin'. :)


Where to find more blogs to follow?


If you're looking for new bloggers to follow visit Explore page (under review now, some changes coming), Book Catalog page (go to book pages to look through reviews and shelves), Reading lists (in Apps), Book clubs and discussion groups, including the new one Find New Booklikes Blogs To Follow sections with heated discussions by BookLikes members.


Here are some rising up bloggers worth your attention,

you can also spot more in the Shout-out for Newbies discussion:


View blog & follow if you like it


View blog & follow if you like it


View blog & follow if you like it 


View blog & follow if you like it


View blog & follow if you like it 


View blog & follow if you like it 


View blog & follow if you like it



You can also use the Compare books option which will show you how compatible the blogger with your reading taste is. To compare the shelves go to the blogger's blog and click the stats icon or go to Apps in the main menu and choose Compare books tab. 


View blog & follow if you like it


View blog & follow if you like it


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View blog & follow if you like it



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View blog & follow if you like it



The BookLikes team is always here to listen to your suggestions and react to any hiccups in the service.



If you'd like to share your ideas or you'll notice something we should know about, drop us a line or leave a post in the official BookLikes discussion group threads: Feature requests or Bug reports.


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