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Halloween bingo: Take Your Head Start!

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For those of you who can't wait to start reading!


Good news!


You don't have to wait to start!


You just have to wait to finish!


New Member Help!

blogging friend tried to join BL but is having trouble. Has anyone encountered/fixed this kind of issue? I'd like to help her but I don't know where to begin. Thanks in advance.

Tried setting up a profile on BL but it's not working out-nothing but trouble with setting up. My blog name, theme and pic is there (sometimes) but with other peoples posts and books on it. I've spent 2 hours on this and it's driving me mad. Might just stick to GR.

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Too Many Choices

I am honestly overwhelmed by the choices for Halloween Bingo that are residing in my home. Last night I started to weed out a few picks for September but quickly found myself with piles and piles of options and I had only attacked the books easily accessible - I hadn't even hit the audiobook stack. I think instead of attempting to put together any kind of organized list, I am going to wait until bingo calls are made and then make my choices. My tbr is 75% horror, 25% romance and it is enormous.


Ahhhh, such problems!



Saw My Boyfriend Today

Sadly he was beheaded.  Still cute though, don't you think?



Take 2, hopefully the photos aren't crooked this time around! My apologies for any neck strain earlier. I uploaded them directly from my phone and BL didn't seem to like that.



This exhibit was so much worth the hour trip! If any of you have an interest in spooky film memorabilia this is a must see exhibit.   Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.

Souljacker by Yasmine Galenorn

Souljacker: A Lily Bound Novel - Yasmine Galenorn, Cassandra Campbell

Lily is a succubus who staves off the hunger and makes her living by running a sex salon. The book opens when she discovers one her best werewolf clients dead in a bed, drained of blood and missing a hunk of flesh. 

The vamps in this book are not of this ilk.

They are mean, they are hungry and some of them are batshit crazy. These vampires are monsters, just as it should be. Sadly, they do not make much of an appearance. There are a few dead bodies here and there but we don’t get to spend any time in their heads. Such a missed opportunity. I love being in a madman’s head, if only for a short time.

Because of the dead guy in her bed, Lily’s life is turned upside down and inside out. She loses her livelihood, is targeted by a madman and an angry widow bent on revenge and she’s getting dangerously hungry for some chi and sexy time. When she realizes her best friends are also in danger, they enlist the help of a chaos demon who is a most excellent PI and handily enough, very good at the sexy times.

This started out as a whole lot of murderous and sexy fun but somewhere along the way it lost me. It became dull. Nothing much happened for chapters on end. There was much talk about sigils and security and blah, blah, blah. At this point, I even began to start longing for one of these guys to pop in and woo somebody to death just so something would happen.

Really the only thing keeping me reading was the sexy chaos demon. I kept waiting for him to create some major, you know, chaos but I may have to wait until the next book for that happen. It wasn’t even what I’d call a paranormal romance because there was no romance development here either.

There was an engaging story of Lily’s enchanted cat. If the rest of the book had been as interesting as the cat’s backstory I would’ve gobbled this book up. But as written, most of the characters were a little flat and not fleshed out nearly enough for me. There was no emotion, very little action and there wasn’t even any humor. It was all just a bit too tepid for my liking. I tried another of this author’s books years ago, Witchling I believe it was, and I didn’t like that one very much either so maybe it’s me and my atrocious taste again. 

Ah well, I may pick up book two because I do realize this book was the first in a series and much setup needed doing. Hopefully it has more sizzle and less fizzle than this one.

Narration Notes: This audiobook was read competently by Cassandra Campbell who she gives each character their own distinctive voice, none of them cringy, and I always appreciate that because I’m sure it’s not easy. 

I received a copy of this audiobook from Tantor Media. Thanks Tantor!

It's ALMOST over!


It's been a depressing, soul-sucker of a week. I won't bore you with the terribly boring details. I am going to be completely selfish and do only what I want to do this weekend. Read? Hike? Go see Annabelle? Go to the Peabody Essex Museum and see Kirk Hammett's horror exhibit? Maybe I'll do them all and screw everything else that steals away my will to live.


What are you all up to? I've barely had a moment to breathe, blog or read and I'm starting to lose my mind. I hope you are all faring much better!!

Pound of Flesh by Jessa Kane

Pound of Flesh - Jessa Kane

This little story is about a recently released, bulldog faced convict, built like an ogre who takes a young (but not too young) beauty hostage to get back at her brother for some reason or another (but mostly it's the sex he wants, if you're wondering).


She's pretty cool with it. Guess she likes monstrous men who take what they want. Hey, we all have our things . . .


This is "ravage me, I love it" soft porn. My brain was tired and I needed something slightly offensive and silly to take my mind off my real life woes and this one did the trick.


Sorta recommended, I guess?

Halloween Bingo Lists

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For last year's (Inaugural) Halloween Bingo, many of the participants contributed to lists by square, as a resource for anyone struggling to find books that fit.


This year, several of the squares/categories are similar to last year's, so I thought I'd post them here again.


These lists can definitely be added to; just leave your suggestions in the list's comment section.


(Scary) Women Authors square - Same as this year's "Terrifying Women"


Classic Horror Square


Ghost Stories and Haunted Houses Square - this was a combined square last year, but hopefully the list is still useful (can a house be haunted without ghosts?).


Diverse Authors Square - same as "Diverse Voices"


Gothic Square


Locked Room Mystery Square


Magical Realism Square


Supernatural square


Witches Square


Mystery Square - there are books in this list that would work for "Cozy Mystery", "Amateur Sleuth", and "Murder Most Foul"


Vampires vs. Werewolves square - this was another combined square last year, but looking over the list briefly, most of them are marked whether they are vampires, werewolves or both.  The list also seems to be clear of shifter books.


If time permits, I'll try to create a few more lists for the new categories (zombies, demons, Romantic Suspense, etc.)  Please, if you have any suggestions, help a girl out and let me know.  :)



WTFery at Netgalley

Netgalley has decided to start posting all submitted reviews on the book page which is weird and unneeded. I can deal with that, even if I don't understand the point, BUT they have also installed a yes/no voting button so anyone can hit no for any old reason anonymously and the votes aren't showing publicly.  Soooo where are the votes going and what is the purpose?  This I do NOT like. Seems to me like they are opening the floodgates for petty reviewer, angry author/reader down voting. I can see it turning into a real mess if the votes start to count as a plus/detriment to ARC acceptance. They've also just deleted a negative comment on their blog post questioning this new change and refuse to post any other comments that express worry about the changes or question the voting aspect. Is it just me or is this odd?


The Goodreads thread is here:


It may all be worry for naught because who the heck has time to read reviews on yet another site and then vote on each one? But I still feel uneasy about the whole thing.



Bingo Card Tutorial

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So, Linda was asking about filling in the bingo card with images, so I thought I would do a little tutorial of how PicMonkey works. This is my favorite photo editing site because there is so much fun stuff available to play with - pretty much all of my images come off of PicMonkey.


PicMonkey has a free version and a premium version. I have the premium version, but the free version will work fine for this.


So, to begin - I download the bingo card to a folder on my computer. I reuse the image and when I'm done modifying it, I resave it under the same name so I'm always using the most current (i.e., filled in) version.


When you open PicMonkey, this is what it looks like:



You want the edit function, not the design or the collage. Although the collage function is awesome for making book cover collages and the actual bingo card itself, soI use it a lot!


When you click on edit, it opens up some options to choose an image, including computer. Browse and find your bingo card on your computer and upload it.


It will look more or less like this:



You find the overlays under either the butterfly or the apple. The apple has the themes, which is what is showing over on the left hand side. There are tons of available themes, including 6 Halloween-style themes and at least 3 Christmas-style themes. That is where you will find your cute overlays for your bingo markers.



These are under the Trick or Treat theme. You click on them, and then drag them into place. Super simple! Sometimes they need to be resized, which is easy to do!


Anyway, I hope that helps! Have fun!

I'm Loving My Bingo Card!


Thank you Moonlight. My card is so beautiful. I'm going to scrounge through my tbr piles this weekend. I can't wait for September!

The Well by Marie Sexton

The Well - Marie Sexton

The Well is a perfectly creepy, atmospheric little read for those of you who don’t like their horror all up in your face. I’m not going to say it scared me, because books rarely do, but it did build up a dastardly little mystery that did make my skin crawl a time or two.

It’s told in two timelines.


Twelve years ago Haven is goaded into staying the night at a rumored haunted house by his cousin Elise. It didn’t take a lot of goading though because Haven’s crush, Pierce, was also attending. He knew nothing was likely to happen either ghostly-wise or with Pierce but off he goes with Elise, Pierce and a few other teens for a night of spooky fun. When Elise decides to throw a séance things take a sinister turn and later Elise disappears.


The other timeline is set in the present day. Since that fateful night, Haven has been haunted by the loss of his favorite cousin Elise and spent most of his youth believing one of the teens present that night committed murder and has distanced himself from them. He’s become a horror writer to excise those demons but hasn’t kept in touch with his old group of friends – until now. Pierce, now a tv ghost hunter, has returned to town to do a segment on the vacant house and he wants Haven to participate. Old lusts are reignited as well as old suspicions . . .


There is a little romance here so if you don’t like that sort of thing invading your horror fiction you have been warned. Mostly this book is a slow burning murder-mystery with a side helping of ghostliness. I enjoyed watching it all unfold and especially loved the ghost-busting segment where scary sh*t actually happened! It kept me guessing and had just the right mix of thrills, atmosphere and engaging characters.


I received a copy of this book from Netgalley courtesy of author Marie Sexton.

MR & OB are at it again..........

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We're shaking up the game this year!


Stay tuned!

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Dark Matter - Blake Crouch, Jon Lindstrom

I was afraid to start this, truth be told, because I read many reviews that said it was very mind-bending, confusing, and scientific. I was really afraid it would break my brain.  I am happy to report that now that I’ve finished my brain is no more broken than it was before I began Dark Matter. So if you’ve been hesitant to read this based on those on rumors, have no worries. It is not in any way shape or form a horror novel however so if you’re expecting that you will be disappointed. It’s more of a character based thriller and a pretty awesome one at that.


I will not go so far as to say that I understood the mechanics behind everything, especially at the turn of mind-boggling events in the last act, but I can say that it never slowed down the book for me or left me hopelessly lost in a sea of scientific jibber-jabber. I wanted to keep going because it was exciting and captivating and all of those delicious things and mostly because I grew to care about the characters so much.


I’m not saying anything about the plot because everyone else has done that already but also because I am lazy and you will enjoy this most going in cold, if you still can.  Just read it. It’s good stuff!

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